Colloquium Balticum X Vilnense – Klasikų asociacija

Colloquium Balticum X Vilnense

The Department of Classical Philology of Vilnius University and Lithuanian Association of Classicists cordially invites researchers from the Baltic Region to the annual International Conference COLLOQUIUM BALTICUM X VILNENSE to be held in the Faculty of Philology of Vilnius University in November 10-12, 2011.

Theme: Greek and Roman antiquity and its reception in the Baltic region.
Language: the main languages of the conference are English and German.
Length of individual report: up to 20 minutes
Deadline: the last term for the submission of the title of intended presentation (abstracts up to 300 words are welcome as well) and other information necessary for the registration is September 15
Preliminary notification: please, inform us as soon as possible (preferably until June 24) about your intention to participate and about the preliminary number of visitors from your institution.
Registration: letters with questions, hesitations and submissions should be sent to Tomas Veteikis at; all the applicants are requested to present the following information about themselves: first name and family name; academic degree; title of organization/institution; postal address; e-mail address; telephone number; fax number; required equipment for the presentation; title of the presentation (please, note that the final version of it should be sent by September 15); everyone is also welcome to indicate his/her main meal preferences (e. g. meat, fish or vegetarian)
Accommodation and other conditions: we are ready to provide an accommodation, lunch and refreshments, but, unfortunately, we are not able to cover your travel expenses.

More detailed information concerning the preliminary programme will be specified later on, somewhere after July.